Edward Prince
B.S. in Business Mgmt. from University of Pittsburgh
Licensed Water Class D Subclass 12
Wastewater Class D,E Subclasses 1,3,4

Mission Statement
Our mission is to ensure the quality of the experience to all visitors of the Allegheny National Forest. We wish to provide visitors with the comfort and services needed in recreation so they can enjoy the vast beauty of the forest. Our hope is to provide each camper with a unique camping experience for their needs. Our goal is to provide a clean and friendly environment to our customers and to educate the public about nature and the forest. We offer extended services for the convenience of our patrons.

Vision Statement
Allegheny Site Mgmt. wishes to improve all recreation areas concessioned by the US Forest Service in the Allegheny National Forest. We intend to accomplish this by efficient management and improved services in turn increasing revenues to put back into the recreation areas. We have intentions to apply for grants to make necessary improvements not covered in our contracts. ASM has taken on additional responsibilities to decrease the spending by the USFS so they may in turn have additional funding for deferred maintenance. We wish to improve the quality of the recreation in the Allegheny National Forest to meet the expectations of the public.